Ctrl+Click limited to single use in Favorites bar folders with recent Dev and Canary builds

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After clicking a folder on the Favorites bar, Ctrl+Click can be used just one time to open it in a new tab. Ctrl+Clicking  other items won’t open them. After using Ctrl+Click once in a menu, the user Open in new tab won't work from the right-click menu.


It appears as if each click on a Favorites bar folder will grant just one Ctrl+Click wish within folders of the Favorites bar. (This limit doesn't apply to top-level Favorites bar items.)


I've reported this defect via Edge's Feedback feature, but wanted to also post here in case the problem was install-specific. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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This was fixed around 2 weeks ago on Edge Canary and Dev channels.


Yeah me and someone else had have the same problem, safe to assume lots of people are experiencing it, might be even universal problem on these channels,
i'm using Canary.

it's not only for Ctrl key, middle mouse button which also does the same job, has the problem.

this doesn't happen on the new favorites flyout menu, only on the favorites toolbar.


Same here, this bug has made it into stable build 89.0.774.45. Hoping for a quick fix.