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As with Chrome Canary, it is possible to have the "Create shortcut" option in the "More Tools" menu

Or directly in the right click of a web page (as IE)





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I believe Edge had an similar option that is install site as app. Annotation 2020-04-29 172651.png



I just want a shortcut (on the desktop for example) to be able to access the web page later
I don't want to install the web page as an app :smile:


It's possible ?

This is missing from Edge, compared to Chrome




It's possible ?



There is a pin to taskbar , its in menu and in more tools.

You're welcome


I don't want to pin it to the taskbar or start menu, just create a shortcut on the desktop (like with Chrome)

Oh, I see. I dont knokw how to do that. You can make it a app though.



MS must add this option, as Google did with Chrome ;)

Okay, send feedback about it. I just did, hope it comes :)

Probably not for a while since of Holidays and such.

You can try using the pin to tskbar, and move it to startmenu and drag it to dekstop if that works.

Or just make it a app an dput in desktop fro now.

Also if you go to edge://apps, you can right click the app and open in regular window instead of a app form.

What I mean is that it will just open a new tab instead of a standard app.

Hope that work for now :)


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays