Create link/button on Moodle to open content in Edge Immersive Reader

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Hi All,

We're in the final stages of putting together an online course on the Moodle LMS. The course is about Assistive Technology for people involved in education (primary level here, up to about Grade 7 in US). We will be recommending participants use the Edge Browser to do the course because of the inclusive features, particularly Immersive Reader/Reading View so  I'm trying to make it easier to use this feature for Moodle courses. The the Edge "Enter Immersive Reader" icon isn't available for Moodle on Edge it seems. First question would be is there any way I can force it to be available?

As a workaround (which has the potential to be a really nice feature) I have found that creating a link or button on the course to the print view of the module with "read://https//*Print view URL" will open Immersive Reader in Edge from other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, which is great. The link doesn't work when clicked if the user is already using Edge though. It will open when right clicker and Open in new Tab/Window is selected but it takes the good out of it if I have to provide separate instructions to people using Edge (which we will be recommending).

If I can get this working I can add a button at the beginning of each module "Open Chapter in Edge Immersive Reader" which would be a great feature.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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