Create Favorites that always open with InPrivate

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One idea for improving InPrivate browsing, and making Edge stand out, would be to give users the possibility to set some of their favorites so that they always open in an InPrivate tab. So when you click that favorite site, it opens in a separate InPrivate tab, not alongside normal browsing tabs, where the usual tracking and browsing history is recorded.


Think about it: aren't there sites that you always want to open in a private browsing session, with no history recorded of your visit (at least not in the web browser), with little tracking, and so on?

They may be banking sites, e-shopping sites, adult entertainment sites, etc.


For other ideas on how you could improve InPrivate browsing, look at this article we created together with our readers:

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That's great a suggestion Ciprian and to make sure it doesn't get lost, I've filed a feedback on your behalf (via smiley face in the app) to ensure this will reach our feature team owning favorites/InPrivate experience.  Please do tell us more awesome feedback and try the smiley face when you do! :)   




@Joon Chang I did not know that's how you prefer your feedback. Will use that method from now on. ;)

is there any update for this? I really find this suggestion interesting because it's very useful.