Create Desktop Icon with of Microsoft Edge collection feature

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I feel that it would be great if I'm able to access my collection quicker with a desktop Icon. I always use the collection feature to open the tabs I save but I wish I could open my collection more easily. So, is Microsoft Edge collection desktop shortcut possible?

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I have been wasting so much time lately bouncing between browsers and pages and it just keeps getting worse, so I sat last night thinking about the best way to restructure everything. I came up with the same thing that you did. :) So I started searching and this is the only post that I've found this mentioned. So I guess I'm going to see tonight if there is a way to do it that isn't in the "usual" list. It definitely needs to be a thing. right-click the collection, create desktop shortcut, pin to start, pin to taskbar...... I could get back about an hour a day like this. lol