Create ARM version for Mac

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1st. generation Apple Notebooks running CPUs based on ARM are bound to arrive within the end of this year. All though the Rosetta 2 emulation will hopefully maintain compatibility to existing applications made for x86, it will likely run better or more fluent using native code for its architecture.


It remains to be seen how popular the new Macs will be, but I hope the Edge Insider team will be there ready, if demand is imminent. 


I therefor request that an ARM-build for MacOS is prioritized once made available.

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@stogdan Good idea. I'm adding @MissyQ and @josh_bodner so that they will see your feedback. You can also submit it through the in-browser feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I).

@stogdan Also adding @Deleted for awareness.  

Oh yeah, @josh_bodner I completely forgot @Deleted. He's most important. Sorry :)

@Kam Thank you for you reply, I appreciate that you include key people in this suggestion as well. I have also posted a feedback through the in-browser feedback tool as suggested.

Ok, @stogdan. Thanks!
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Native support for Mac ARM64 devices (M1) is now available in Canary channel.

I haven't had time to extensively test it yet, but so far I'm thoroughly impressed with the speed of the Canary build of Edge for Apple Silicon.  I use Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 



Thanks for the update! I have started testing it and it has impressed me so far, also battery life is notisably better when using the canary build over time. When can we expect it in beta channels, and final release?


You're welcome, it will approximately take ~2 months for Edge stable to be promoted to version 89 (soon it's going to get version 88), Beta will get it at least a month sooner.