Crashes on Youtube with AMD graphics

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The Reason I Love Playing This Game - YouTube


This video, as a million others, cause a crash on Windows 10 and BSOD, but ONLY ON EDGE. 

Watching it on Firefox, Chrome or Opera causes no problems.

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Hi there,

  • Could you please mention which Edge channel/version you are using?
  • What version of Windows 10 are you using?
  • What is the corresponding error code for the BSODs you get?
  • Since you mentioned AMD graphics, is your driver up to date?
  • Do you still get BSOD when you turn off hardware acceleration in Edge settings? edge://settings/system
  • Please submit a feedback using the feedback button on Edge or shortcuts (Alt + Shift + i ), they will capture and send additional diagnostic data that can be useful in solving the problem.
  • you can view the status of your crashes and whether they have been sent to Microsoft or not from here: edge://crashes/



Hi, I experience the same problem.


It's basically on all web sites with some video content. Both Edge and Chrome crashes in the exact same way. Basic architecture issue since both are based on Chromium?


However no problem at all with Firefox, works great.


Windows 10 2004 19041.746, 64-bit Home, Edge 88.0.705.56 64-bit

Sandy Bridge Intel i5, AMD Radeon 6770M



Are you getting BSOD + Crash too? or only one of them?
It’s just the Edge app and Chrome app that crashes. Overall Windows is fine.

in that case, please go to edge://crashes/
identify the crash report item related to videos, press "submit feedback" button next to it, describe briefly what you were doing when that crash happened (e.g. I was watching a video and here is the page URL), and send the feedback,
this is the best way to report the crashes. hopefully it will be fixed in a future release of Edge :)

@HotCakeX so sory about the late response.

I'm on Versión 90.0.789.1 (Compilación oficial) dev (64 bits) now and the crashes are gone, I've also updated the AMD graphics drivers.

It seems the problem was a driver related issue since I haven't had it again, since the drivers update.

I'm no on the "stable" drivers but on the latest non whq versions, AMD is terrible at this, specially with the 5000 series graphics cards.

I also uninstalled Norton (360 was my security software and one of the services listed in the BSOD seemed to be related to it) I know, it's all over the place, this windows install has at least 2 years and lots of things have happened since.





I had the same problem on EDGE. 

I have updated all drivers in the system (Intel Chipset and AMD drivers). 


in control center progamms repaired the Edge and in the settings I have disabled the "Use hardware acceleration (if available)".


Now the system is more stable.


best regards