Crash Handler?

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I know one of the long standing rules is don't beta test products together, it makes for unreliable results.  I'm a Windows Insider as well as an Edge Insider and it's not just practical for me to have a seperate machine or VM or every possible outcome there is.  With that being said; is there a crash handler available, such as the old Dr. Watson that can I can use to capture crash data when Edge is crashing because it crashes allot (for me I define a lot as more than 5 times in a day).

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I'm also on Windows insider fast ring and Edge insider canary, so as beta as it can get :D
though I've been having a pretty stable experience, it's my main machine.
so could you mention which Windows 10 build/ring and which Edge insider channel/version you are using?

mine is
Windows 10 build 19592
Edge insider Version 83.0.467.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

about a tool to properly capture the crash data, Windows error reporting automatically should kick in to record and send the data to Microsoft,
you also have Feedback hub app that has problem recording feature and even though it is mostly used by Edge stable users (when it comes to Edge browser), you can still create and send a feedback in there and then share the feedback link with Edge team either here or through feedback button on Edge browser.

Edge also has a problem recording/recreation feature in its built in feedback system but when Edge crashes/closes, it also gets closed.


Edge: Version 83.0.467.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) (update pending)

Windows: Home Insider 19592.1001