Could Legacy Edge be made available as Open Source (GitHub)?

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So it's been a while since Microsoft has essentially forced everyone to switch to Chromium Edge., and while I'm sure they're "Proud" of how well it's going... I personally absolutely detest it.


A major reason I never chose to switch / use Google Chrome (Chromium) was because unless you're using it as a Virtual Instance (ala how some Video Games integrate it), it becomes quite a substantial liability in terms of Security.


In fact for 6 months in 2019 (Jan - May), I ran an experiment via 3 separate machines.

Each would be signed up to the same Services (YouTube, PayPal, Facebook, Discord, Microsoft Account and Epic/Fortnite) as these are typically the most targeted Services.

They would have their own unique e-mail address, and a generated password with 2-Step Security... just to make sure they couldn't actually be broken into but still I could track common attempts to access the accounts, reset passwords, etc. 

I also kept track to see when the passwords would appear on Security Websites, that would let you know if passwords associated to an e-mail had become public domain.


Now the results of this were, that (Legacy) Edge and Firefox were reasonably secure platforms. 

On Avg. there would be < 6 Attacks over a 6 Month Period. 

Chrome however faired much worse... in-fact within hours of it's usage, there would be upward of 8 Attacks; on Avg. this would balance out to ~38 per Week.

But this wasn't the only avenue that I checked., Spam E-Mail is also quite frustrating and while Junk / Spam Folders do exist, they're not infallible. 


Often they'll class Legitimate Mail as Spam, while allowing clear Spam / Malicious Mails as "Ok" for the main Inbox.

Still again... on (Legacy) Edge, and Firefox albeit to a slightly lesser degree we would be talking about roughly 25 - 30 Spam Mails over a 6 Month Period., typically speaking the Junk folder would be full of legitimate mail that was just flagged as spam for some reason; likely because it was sent via Server Automation.

Such-as New Letters, Information about upcoming Conferences, etc.


Chrome however., we would be talking about double the volume on a weekly basis.


So why bring this up? 

Well because Chromium, as noted outside of a Virtualised Environment suffers from the exact same insecurity as Chrome itself... the sheer number of attacks and spam since Microsoft decided to retire Legacy Edge replacing it entirely with Chromium Edge in the latest Windows 10 Quarterly Update., well it's ridiculous.


I used to use Legacy Edge BECAUSE of this far better Security aspect. 

And I think part of this is due to Internet Explorer having that legacy of being the dominant Browser (so was heavily targeted) and Microsoft would get serious flak for how insecure it appeared... so they seriously upped their game, redeveloping it initially from the ground up with Spartan which evolved into Edge that went even further once all of the Explorer Legacy was removed.


Google haven't really come under the same sort of fire for their Software Insecurity., in-fact it's almost as if most seem content to give Google a Free Pass on such. 

Why is beyond me.


Still while that is a big aspect, there are many other things that I feel Legacy Edge was just better and had better End User Features on the whole.

Look I understand the move to Chromium is because it's an Industry Standard, and Google (unlike with Legacy Edge, where they'd clearly target updates to their Services to detect when it was present and deliberately break features to force people onto Chrome) have a lot of sway over Internet Standards at present... not to mention the current litany of "Extensions", which Legacy Edge just never received., but then, really are they necessary?


Still, in any case. Legacy Edge is now arguably "Abandonware"... I mean Microsoft has ZERO intention to continue it's Development. 

And as it was only shipped with Windows Mobile 8.0 / 8.1 / 10.0 (now discontinued) and Windows 10 Consumer and Business (now replaced with Chrome Edge)... this for all intended purposes means it's been removed from Service.


So, it would be good if it could just be made Open Source. 

If Microsoft has no intention of further Development., allow the Community to decide if THEY want to continue it's Development., or build a new Browser on it's technology. 


Legacy Edge was never sold., so any argument of "Lost Revenue" is moot. 

Everywhere it was available it's basically been discontinued / hidden from usage; I mean like Internet Explorer that still ships and is technically usable in Windows 10... it's a very TECHNICAL sense, as it's pain to actually use them again as a Default Browser. 


I have nothing against Microsoft abandoning projects they way they do... or well scratch that, I do because it's like they have no **bleep** faith in their OWN Products; when typically they are some of the best and most user friendly products on the Market., and worse still is at present they seem to keep changing things for change sake.

(I'm still frustrated about the current Xbox One Dashboard and Microsoft Marketplace., as they're absolute trash compared to what they were at the end of the Xbox 360 Era; which was exceptionally usable and intuitive. The same goes for the switch to Groove, which is just trash compared to Zune which was excellent) 


Still what I mean is., if that's the direction Microsoft wants to take... fine., I just don't see why we should be forced to also abandon the BETTER products of the past along with them. 

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