Cortana 2 beta freezes Global Media Controls - Edge Canary

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Above you can see all of the required details. Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)


The problem:

I'm playing a YouTube video on the new Edge browser, then i bring up the new Cortana 2 beta app and start talking to her, now if I type in "turn off" or "shut up" or "off", it pauses the YouTube video that's being played and it also freezes the Global Media Controls button in a way that it becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks, when I click on it nothing happens. at this point I have to click on the paused YouTube video itself to resume it and after that the Global Media Controls key starts working normally again.

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With you being on an Insider Preview of Windows and using a Beta of the Cortana App, it would be hard to pin down the exact cause of the issue.