Copy paste from other applications is not working in latest builds

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Linux user here. I am facing very peculiar issue. Everything was working smooth till 90.x version.


1. I copy text from terminal and try to paste in edge address bar, it doesn't paste. I paste the same text in any other editor and then copy, it works.

2. Surprisingly it copying from most apps and paste in edge works fine except this specific scenario

Initially I assumed something could have gone wrong with terminal and experimented with different versions and across different apps, terminal always copy the text to system clipboard however edge is unable to paste from there.

To verify my thesis, I downgraded to 90.x and now copy paste works everywhere. Something seems to be broken in 91.x


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It works upto 91.0.852.0 and regressed only in latest build

I'm on 91.0.864.1 version. But, didn't work. I copy my text on LibreOffice and paste to Microsoft Edge (dev) it doesn't paste.

Here's my post on this from the other day:

This is a critical bug for me, as I am always cutting/pasting info between apps. Will this be fixed in the next release?

@Nitin_Gurram thanks for reporting this! We have seen this broken on Linux recently, but we think we have it fixed in the next build. Unfortunately, it's not clear exactly what caused it to break - so please keep an eye out and let us know if it's not actually fixed for you once you get to 91.0.864.11 or newer (we repro on 91.0.864.1).



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@johnjansen Thanks for fixing the bug on previous version. But, after I update Microsoft Edge (dev) to version 92.0.873.1. I can't paste again my text from LibreOffice to Microsoft Edge (dev).

@johnjansen Wonderful. This is fixed in 91.0.864.11! Awesome.
However the bugfix might not be ported to 873.1.1 (it's broken here).

Currently upgraded to 864.11 and locking the update until next fix.
Please do port the fix and we should be good.

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Thanks for the further details. That is correct.

92.0.873.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit) - Doesn't work (previous dev)
92.0.878.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) - Works
91.0.864.15 (Official build) beta (64-bit) - Works

All channels will be fixed in the near future.