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Is there ability or functionality to forward the CoPilot response to a question?  I don't see the ability.  

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Yes, if you have access to this feature in Edge then you can share Copilot with answers:

Getting started with Microsoft Edge Workspaces - Microsoft Support

Thank you. I was not aware of the Edge Workspaces tool. This new information will come in very handy when extracting information from CoPilot that I want to share with others.


But in full-screen mode - I can share Copilot answers, or copy the link, please see - when you hover over the answer there are buttons at the top:

2023-10-23 211509.png

When clicked, it will share:

2023-10-23 210836.png



Thanks for your assistance. However, you may have a more current version than I do. I have the Copilot (Preview) Full screen mode is not an option on this version.

When I hover over the answer, I get a hands up; hands down; and boxes.. However, the boxes option is not functional. The white screen to define what this icon does is blank.
PS, I do not get the 'download arrow' or the 'share arrow' like you receive in your response. Maybe I could disable/delete Copilot and reinstall.


Microsoft is improving this feature all the time - now they have added ( share on phone, now they have added )

2023-10-23 235256.png



Will these features roll out in the near future, automatically?
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Yes, for sure!

But this needs to be checked on test computers, it's a normal procedure.

@sdbowe33   Can be downloaded as PDF >

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-24 001857.png



Thanks, good to know. I'm waiting for an update to the Preview Copilot with more features.