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The 'Continue where you left off' Startup option no longer works for me in the latest Dev build.

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Thanks for reporting the issue and we'll inform the right feature team. I've also filed a feedback (via the smiley face) on your behalf so we can actively track and monitor the issue.

@Joon Chang Thanks.


Looks like the act of pinning sites to the Taskbar causes the issue. Just upgraded to latest Dev version and issue still remains.



Installing edgedev also breaks this feature on  Normal Edge, even if normal Edge is the default browser,



You can fix this by assigning Edge as the program for the URL:microsoft-edge protocol - only seems to open a new tab when making it Edge Dev

Just checking in to say I've updated to the latest Dev build and issue still remains. Pinning apps to taskbar causes the 'main' windows not to continue where I left off.


Let me know if you require further details.



@Joon Chang this has stopped working in the stable version of Edge now. As I mentioned previously I think it's pinned sites that cause an issue.


Ctrl + Shift + T brings the tabs back, unless the PC has been restarted. In which case there is no way to get them back.

It was working for me a couple weeks ago, and now it's not. Why does MS screw up this stuff?

@tonykara  And of course after rebooting my PC, it's all fine! 

But, when logging on here to post this comment, Microsoft asked me to log on to whatever service is required to post this comment, and when I entered my telephone number (it was one of the options), it said I was already logged in! Then WHY ASK ME TO LOG IN!???


One frustration after another with Microsoft.