'Continue where you left off' not working with 'Install this site as an app' feature

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It seems that if you 'Install this site as an app' and leave it open while you close your main Edge window that when you reopen Edge it considers the 'site as an app' as the last window open and not what was left in the main Edge window. A bit of a hard ask but for the 'Continue where you left off'  to be useful the app websites need to be considered something other than tabs in the main Edge window. Hurts productivity trying to use website as an app but losing my browser tabs when I close Edge to focus on those specific apps. 

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Hey @electromicrobe! We did a bunch of work a while back to ensure that apps wouldn't interfere with the "Continue where you left off" feature. If you're still seeing an issue, can you please submit feedback in-app so we can investigate? I'd love to dig in and see why it's not working for you.

@William Devereux when I made this post I also submitted feedback through the in-app system. I think I figured out the issue. I also have Google Hangouts App from the Chrome Store installed and if that is left open then the 'Continue where you left off' fails. It is operating fine with the Apps installed using the 'Install this site as an app' feature. My mistake not realizing the difference in that one app. With that said it would be nice if these same rules could apply to 'Apps' that are the result of Chrome Store installs. I'm currently on Version 81.0.416.72 (Official build) (64-bit)

@William Devereux so I was wrong about Google Hangouts being the culprit, I'm still getting a new tab 80% of the time I close and then reopen edge instead of the set of tabs I have when I closed it when I have it set to 'Continue where you left off'