Continue where you left after updating to latest version

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Last two updates, tabs are not restored

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Greetings, Insiders that are facing this issue! @bloozman you can submit feedback through the in-browser feedback tool (Shift+Alt+I) and I'll add the MS experts: @Deleted @josh_bodner @MissyQ.


Android? IOS? Which Edge version?

Windows 10. It failed in last couple of updates. Good reason to use collections! @Kam 

Edge on Windows 10 doesn't support it yet, it's only available on Edge mobile

It used to until recently. Its hard to believe it wouldn't as the option is there. And, it does on restart, just not on updated version. @HotCakeX 

So which version exactly had it then?
It's working now.
@djc2002us You should've replied in October xD


@Kam wrote:
@djc2002usYou should've replied in October xD

no, that's okay.


@djc2002us wrote:
It's working now.

great, glad to hear that

@HotCakeX Yeah, I agree, just we should be active here.


@Kam wrote:
@HotCakeXYeah, I agree, just we should be active here.

No, that's not what I said and I don't agree with that.

the OP simply replied to me after a while, no one has any obligation to reply at a certain time frame.

this conversation is pointless about this subject.