Context Menu Selecting (Laptop)

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Perhaps there is a simple solution to this that I am missing, or perhaps this has already been mentioned, but when opening the "Right-Click" context menu, I have noticed that selections can only be made using the "Left-Click" rather than the traditional "Left or Right". I made sure to double check my sanity in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, and all allow "Left or Right" selections in the context menu. Not sure if this is in the pipes for adjusting on Canary or Dev, but I am eagerly waiting.



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In my whole life, I never came across a situation where I needed to use the right-click instead of the normal left-click for selection.
are you in such situation that require it?

@HotCakeX I appreciate your feedback.


As Chromium Edge is just launching, I thought it at least some what important, to provide feedback on a pretty standard functionality that was/is missing, in the name of making Edge a better browser. Whether or not you or I personally have used it in our "whole life" or if  we are "in such situation that require it", is pretty inconsequential. Somebody somewhere does use it, and given that Microsoft has released Dev and Canary versions of the browser to the public, it would seem to me that they would like us to test the browser, and provide feedback...which is what I was doing.



That's fine, I was just asking/wondering if you are among one of them that requires that functionality. because I was curious :)

Thanks again for your reply.


I mean...honestly requires would be a strong word, I think. I have used "Right-Click" and quickly hit "Right-Click" again for "Back". But you know, things become so second nature after much repetition that you do not even recognize it, after a while. Which is how I stumbled across this. I continue to use Edge though, so there's that. :)