Confusing "back & forward" logic when switching IE mode


Sorry for my poor English.


In China, because some websites are still developed using outdated old technologies, the IE mode in Microsoft Edge will be used more frequently. But I think Microsoft Edge's IE mode has a logic that may confuse users in the forward and backward functions of tabs.


To put it simply, the same site is loaded in the default mode of Microsoft Edge or refreshed and loaded in the Internet Explorer mode. Both should be regarded as the same page node, not two (that is, one is in Microsoft Edge mode and the other is Internet Explorer mode).


Specifically, for example, I opened a new tab, then opened in this tab, and then opened the website in this tab, but I found that this website needs to be switched to IE mode Then I switched from the original Microsoft Edge mode to IE mode manually, it will be refreshed and reloaded in this tab. If I want to go back on this current tab page, then the normal access path should be: (in IE mode, Current Page) → → Default New Page

But it actually looks like this in Microsoft Edge: (in IE mode, Current Page) → (Normal Edge mode) → → Default New Page

One more jump operation, and this operation is not necessary.


The 360chrome browser, like Microsoft Edge, also has a "compatible kernel", the so-called IE mode. There is no problem with the "back & forward" logic of 360chrome browser.


Below is the video recorded in these two browsers: (Microsoft Edge Dev 92.0.902.4 and 360chrome 13.0.2250.0, Windows 10 Dev Build 21390)



I don’t know if I am the only one in this situation, but I think it may affect the user experience.


360chrome official website:


Sorry for my poor English.

在中国,因为部分网站仍然使用过时的旧有技术开发,所以 Microsoft Edge 中的 IE 模式会使用得较为频繁。但我认为 Microsoft Edge 的 IE 模式,在标签页的前进和后退功能上,有一个可能会令用户感到困惑的逻辑。


简单来说,站点在 Microsoft Edge 默认模式下加载还是在 Internet Explorer 模式下刷新加载,都应该被视为是同一个页面节点,而非两个(即一个是 Microsoft Edge 模式的,一个是 Internet Explorer 模式的)。


具体来说,举个例子,我新建了一个标签页,然后在该标签页打开了,然后再在这个标签页打开了 网站,然而我发现这个网站需要切换到 IE 模式下才能正常访问,然后我手动从原本的 Microsoft Edge 模式切换到 IE 模式刷新当前标签页重新加载。如果我要在这个当前的标签页上后退,那么正常的访问路径应该是: (in IE mode, Current Page) → → Default New Page


但实际在 Microsoft Edge 中是这样的: (in IE mode, Current Page) → (Normal Edge mode) → → Default New Page




360 极速浏览器与 Microsoft Edge 一样,也具有“兼容内核”即所谓 IE 模式。360 极速浏览器的“后退&前进”逻辑是没有问题的。


下面是在这两个浏览器中录制的视频:(Microsoft Edge Dev 92.0.902.2 和 360 极速浏览器 13.0.2250.0,Windows 10 Dev Build 21390)





360 极速浏览器官网:

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