ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn not working in Beta 84

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Noticed that the ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn is not working in Beta 84 anymore. Before I used Beta 83 where it worked, but after updating to Beta 84 (84.0.522.11) the sign-in does not work as expected:








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@stesch79 Thanks for reaching out. I'll pass this along to our Profiles team and let you know if they have any insights to share. In the meantime, can you please give it a try on our Dev and/or Canary channels?


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here the same Error: Beta 84.0.522.15 and Dev 85.0.538.0

@Deleted  Thanks for looking into this. Much appreciated! With DEV 85.0.531.1 the same happens. No auto-signin.

@stesch79 and @simsoo, the team has a few questions for you:


  1. Can you confirm how you reached this state? (If you had been signed into an on-prem profile, the browser shouldn't sign you out. Did you manually sign out?)
  2. What happens if you launch using the --user-data-dir flag pointing to an empty directory?
  3. Also, can you please check if the policy shows up at edge://policy?


Thanks, we look forward to hearing back from you.


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  1. I reached this state by just updating latest Beta version. On my test computer I had installed Stable 83 and Beta 83 (same GPO). I've updated Beta from 83 to 84 and the issue started. Stable is still OK. But issue is observed on all computers so far that where Beta was updated.
  2. I have started Beta with ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Beta\Application\msedge.exe" --profile-directory=new" and the issue remains. It created a second profile with a nice icon:
  3. Policy shows up:




@stesch79 @fawkes 

I tested Stable 83.0.478.50 


Beta 84.0.522.20


and DEV 85.0.545


on my computer.  I deleted all profiles from all versions. 

Only the stable version automatically log in with the work profil.







@simsoo @stesch79 Thanks to this info, our team was able to open a bug and start investigating this. If you are comfortable helping with the process, it would be hugely helpful to have more information. Here are the steps to securely collect that data:


  1. Create a new folder. e.g. C:\temp\user_data.
  2. Open MSFT Edge Beta with following command prompt: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Beta\Application\msedge.exe" --user-data-dir=C:\temp\user_data
  3. This should run user through complete FRE experience and try auto sign-in.
  4. Once this completes, snag the logs
    1. Open edge://histograms
    2. Wait 5 seconds for it to load.
    3. Right click -> Save as Webpage, complete (*.htm; *.html)



  5. Attach the file through the in-browser feedback tool (Shift+Alt+I) with diagnostics turned on. For more information on how to attach a file, you can see the screenshots in Step 5 of this post


Thanks again for your debugging help, and let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to send me a DM once you've submitted it so that I can tell our team to keep an eye out.


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Ok i sent the histogram


I'm testing this as well and seeing similar results.  I'm also seeing that this does not work at all on Edge installed on Server 2012 R2.


Windows 10 1809, stable 83.0.478.50, this is working

Windows 10 1809, dev 85.0.538.0, this is not working


Server 2012 R2, stable 83.0.478.50, this is not working

Server 2012 R2, dev 85.0.538.0, this is not working

@simsoo @stesch79 @Jeffrey_Fronius 


Great news: the team has implemented a fix! Give it a try in Canary, and let us know if the sign-in issue is resolved.


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@Deleted in the canary version, the sign-in works

will the fix also be implemented in the upcoming 84 version?



@simsoo Excellent, I'm glad to hear that you're seeing it! Unless the team opts to do a special update, you can expect to see features in their corresponding future builds. I.e., since it's in the current version of Canary, you should see it around the 85.0.5XX.X version of Beta.


Hopefully that helps, and let us know if you have any further issues with this.


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@Deleted Thank you. We are currently using stable 83 and are rolling out to 500 computers. The AutoSignIn works here. But in about 21 days the version 84 will be stable. The AutoSignIn does not work here if there is no fix.
Version 85 with the fix will only be stable at the end of August 2020.
We should have left out version 84 ...
But the browsers on all PCs load the update automatically.
That is a big problem ...

@Deleted I was not able to to test with Canary but tried with DEV 85.0.545.0. There it's not solved yet. 

Will it be also fixed in DEV or only directly in Beta 85.0.5?

@stesch79 Yes, it will be fixed in Dev before Beta. It looks like the fix went to Canary 85.0.551.0, so you might need to wait a few more weeks until you see it in Dev. Hopefully that helps!


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@Deleted @stesch79

it is already fixed in Beta:84.0.522.28 and DEV: 85.0.552.1


Thanks. Yes, I can confirm issue is fixed with Beta 84.0.522.28!



Many thanks that you took care of this issue! Much appreciated!


@simsoo @Deleted 

If this is corrected in Beta 84.0.522.28, is there any idea which stable build this can be expected in?  Thank you!

@Jeffrey_Fronius My best estimate would be that it'll land in version 84.0.522.x of Stable, but that depends if security patches are needed. :)


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