Concerns around Immersive Reader & Collections




We've been using the Reading View for the last year in the old Edge, and have been training students to use it as an alternative to third-party text readers. We have some concerns about the new implementation (Immersive Reader) in Chromium:


  • The keyboard shortcuts seem to have disappeared.
  • In the old Edge, you used to be able to select some text in Reading View and have the Read Aloud feature start reading from the selected text. Now, regardless of the text you select the readback always starts at the top of the page.  This is not the expected behaviour for text readers, and it makes it inconvenient (maybe useless) to use for longer passages of text where users may be starting & stopping as they go along.
  • You can select some text in the Immersive Reader, right-click, and then ask for it to speak the selection. But it doesn't continue on to the next piece of unselected text, and therefore isn't a solution to the above.


We're also confused about the Collections implementation, which is a tool we've been really excited about and want to teach as a collation tool to students.


  • When using Immersive Reader, the Collections tool is available and the panel can be loaded. It looks like you can drag text into it from the Immersive Reader, but nothing happens when you do. The option is also available to 'Add to Collections' when you right-click on some selected text in the Immersive Reader, but again, nothing happens. I seem to remember trying this on a pre-release version and it working, but once the stable release came out it no longer worked. Is this intentional?
  • Immersive Reader now seems to be using a non-standard URL to load a page, or some text from a page, into the reader. The option to 'Add Page' is available when you open Collections in the Immersive Reader, but again nothing happens when you click it. If this does work eventually, then will Collections use the non-standard URL (that takes you straight to the Immersive Reader, and optionally only displays specific text), or will it use the standard URL for the page?

Thanks in advance for your help




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