Compatibility issue with google drive

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When I go to my google drive I get the warning "You are using an unsupported browser. If you see some unexpected behavior, you may want to use a supported browser instead."

I have to say that, using Edge dev ( to work with documents in my google drive, there is no "unexpected behavior" so far. I do, however, expect from the Edge dev team to step forward in a deeper collaboration with Google and eliminate any kind of incompatibilities. Besides, this was the primary reason that Microsoft adopted chromium: "Microsoft Edge and Chromium Open Source: Our Intent".


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This is something we have been working hard on for a while now. Google says because of code

changes a while ago, it accidentally caused issues with the new Microsoft Edge browsers.


Most of the Google code change problems have been fixed or workarounds were suggested.

This should be no different but so far all the features seem to still work fine with Google.


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I am able to access my Google Drive, but I do have an outdated version of the sign in screen. This does not affect functionality, but I don't like seeing the old sign in screen.

Here are screenshots of Edge C and "old" Edge:


"Old" Edge (up to date sign in screen):


Edge C (out of date sign in screen):