Compatability with SAP ESS

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Early builds of Edge had a better compatbility with ESS portal screens. Recently, these screens are sized incorrectly, just as happened with the original Edge.


I have noted that this occurs when the SAP window adds a vertical scroll bar.


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Hi @Ed Leeuwen van, I would like to better understand the issue that you are describing. Is the issue that the window size collapses when a scrollbar is present, or that Microsoft Edge is adding a scroll bar, while other browsers are not adding one.  Please let me know more about this issue, and I will get the data back to our engineers to dig in. Thanks - Elliot

Hi @Elliot Kirk , thanks for your help.


The issue is that the SAP window is not displayed in full when I open it: the vertical size is much smaller than the space available. When I adjust the complete window, the SAP window is resized so that  everything is displayed properly.


If I do this in IE, Chrome, Firefox, the SAP window is displayed full size when opened.


Hope this is more clear. Feel always free to contact me again.

@Elliot Kirk  Any news on this topic?

Just to stress that this problem:

  • occurred in the old Edge
  • does not occur in Chrome
  • did not occur in earlier Chromium-based Edge versions
  • has been introduced with Microsoft-related changes.

Solved in build