Collections Title changes to "Syncing..."

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Hello, this is my first Discussion post.

I use Dev channel build 88.0.702.0


I was install Edge for Android, and did sync between Windows laptop and my smartphone.

But after Edge for Android already sync, i found there's  some weird on my Collections.

So, some of my Collections title changes name to "Syncing..."


This bug affects is for all my Collections on every Edge Channel that i have on Windows laptop, Dev channel, Beta channel, and even Stable channel.


Here's example.


Screenshot 2020-11-29 214210.png


So my questions are:

1. Is someone on this forum have this issue too? Or just me?

2. Does Microsoft also know this issue too?

3. How can i solve this issue?


Please let me know.

Thank you.

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do they appear as "syncing" on your phone too?

It's not in the known issue list of Edge dev so probably not, but you can let them know by sending a feedback through Edge browser (that's the preferred way of sending bug and reports according to Edge developers). press the feedback button on Edge toolbar or Alt + Shift + i

Try solving it by first opening the websites in the collection to new tabs, delete the collection, make a new collection and name it something else, then add those websites back to the newly created collection.
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@EsraChristian360 Hi, and welcome to the Edge Insider forum! I have this bug too, it's there in Stable too. Will send feedback (Alt+Shift+I)

@HotCakeX Yes, it appear on my phone too.

It tried that, but the title of new Collections became "Synching..." too.