Collections suggestion: sort by name

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I know that I can manually sort my collections but I have a lot of them and in this case it would by nice to have the option to sort them by name or another parameter.

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Yeah this sounds useful to me as well


yes this is a must as I have more than 20 collections and growing more every becoming increasingly difficult to scroll up and down because for some reasons, different browser windows (same Edge browsers) will remember the collection sorting differently.....I need an ability to SORT collections at the collections level (not within a collection) and I need it to be remembered across different browser instances.


@Binh Cao   I also have too many collections and tabs on collections to easily keep track. Sorting or filtering by keyword  makes sense to me.  As Edge Collections dev team adds features spur adoption, ability to organize, search, sort becomes more important. Would be great for developers to comment on where Collections will go over next few iterations.