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A nifty feature would be able to take a URL, text, or image from the clipboard and paste it as a new entry in a collection. One example use would be taking a screenshot and pasting it into a collection.

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This would sound awesome but at the comment, Collections are only designed to only contain links to web contents.
so you can't put anything in them. if you want to add a picture to a collection, you have to find it on the web and then add its link to collections.
that's why I don't have much use for collections.



You can already add notes, images, and links to collections. If you right-click an image, you can "Add to Collections" and it will be added like this:





What I'm suggesting:

  • If you have a URL in your clipboard, pasting it will do the same thing as "Add current page", but loading it from the URL.
  • If you have text in your clipboard, it will create a note entry just like if you clicked "Add note".
  • If you have an image in your clipboard, it will add it like you see above. It could host the images on the user's machine (no MS account), in a dedicated folder in the user's OneDrive storage (with a MS account), or in the same place notes are hosted.
I know,
but it's just a thumbnail and a link to that image, not the actual image.
try clicking on the image, where does it open? on your Photo viewer software or in web browser tab? that's what i'm talking about.
Also it makes sense because they are syncing these collections, if they were to allow us to add and upload actual image files to collections, that would be a huge data to sync. so that's why they chose to only allow us to save links to contents in collections.
That's why I suggested methods for storing the image. In a folder for offline (no MS account and no syncing) or via OneDrive (with a MS account and syncing). If you're syncing, it can sync the link to the file in OneDrive and use the thumbnail like it does now. Google Apps often use this dedicated folder method with Google Drive for storing app data for syncing.

I guess we have different ideas of what we want from collections. What I want is an easy way to collect things from the web and access them across multiple devices. I think it would be easy to paste URLs and text, because that functionality already exists in collections. It would just be another (more convenient) way to add them.

Having access to the clipboard for images will make it possible to cut out many steps for collecting screenshots. Right now I would have to 1) take a screenshot, 2) save it, 3) upload it to a 3rd party host, and 4) add it to Collections. With this suggestion, I would just need to add the screenshot to my clipboard (already possible with extension) and then paste it into the collection.

All of that can be done with OneNote  @Sillvva 

OneDrive integration would be good
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@Jacques Van de Meerssche seems to be the main response to feature requests here... "other software does that", "you can get an extension for that", etc. I'm going to take this that edge just isn't going to be what I need. I liked Edge for the tracking prevention and potential upcoming set aside feature.


I was hoping collections would be more useful, though: search, clipboard access and OneDrive integration, etc. Instead, I was told to use OneNote. I liked the home screen, but wished the speed dial was also more useful (basically visual bookmarks, with search and folders). Instead, I was told to use a NTP extension.


After some looking around, I found a browser that has all of the things I'm looking for: tracking prevention, speed dial, session management (similar to Edge's set aside), and a more useful feature for collecting web content and viewing across devices.


Thanks for hearing my requests at least. Hopefully Edge's utility features improve over time.