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I am a software developer and need to keep track of issues and upcoming deployments.  Since this is a work computer, all my tabs need to be saved to a collection.  It would be nice if there were an option to save all tabs in a browser instance to the collection instead of adding them one at a time.




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@GaryZ Thanks for sharing that request, and welcome to the MS Edge Insiders community!


Great news: as @HotCakeX astutely noted, this is now an official feature! We recently rolled it out to the Canary and Dev channels. Here's our official announcement from our What's New page:


"Save multiple tabs to Collections



It would be also nice, if there was a button for it, so that it resembles the old "set tabs aside" button. It would be easier to find and use, especially for people coming from old Edge

@j-sind Thanks for sharing your input!

Our team has definitely heard that users would like this feature; if you check out our most recent Top Feedback post, we have it listed as "In Discussion," with an opportunity to join that discussion here.


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