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Hello! I am enjoying Collections on Edge version (Version 84.0.522.59 (Official build) (64-bit). My Collections are not syncing to Edge on iPad or iPhone. I have syncing for Collections enabled. Is this a bug? Is there something that I can do to fix this? Thanks much!

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@djfett can you please confirm that you also have sync enabled on your mobile device? 

"..." > settings > account > sync > Collections toggled ON

@amy_devries yes it has been on all of the time on both desktop and mobile. I checked again just now and the collections are on both iphone and iPad. Does it take a while (days) for Collections to sync?

@djfett  It shouldn't take days for Collection to sync. I'm glad to hear that you're able to see the them on your mobile devices now!

@amy_devries I have the same issue. My iphone collections are synced to desktop and vice versa. However my iPad collections are not synced to iPhone or Desktop. Auto sync is enabled on iPhone and iPad. Have unsynced and resynced but doesnt seem to work. Might be a bug - have updated to latest version released on 11Sept

Any tips?

@udayabhaskar can you please confirm that the Collections sync toggle is "ON" within sync settings?

@djfett I am having the same issue. I have created a Collection on Edge (new) for MacOS and it appears on my edge for Android phone but doesn’t appear on either my iPhone or iPad.


Have Sync turned on, have tried turning it off and back on and re-installing edge a few times but nothing works.


My favourites are also missing so basically sync on my iPhone and iPad are not working at all.


Can see other people (like you) having the same issue but no reports of this officially being recognised as a bug by Microsoft??

@amy_devries Yes, the sync toggle is ON. This issue got resolved as I upgraded to the latest app on both my iphone and ipad released a couple of days ago. Thanks.


Thanks-solved my problem


Glad it has been solved, in such case, make sure check for update first and then restart your phone and in case problem persist, report it using feedback option.