Collections in Edge for Android

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I installed Edge on my Android phone today because I'm using Collections in both my desktop and laptop, and wanted to add some links from my phone as well.

I didn't find any way to see / edit Collections on Edge mobile, and I can't find any information about Collections being supported in the future either. 

Is there any information about that?

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@LeoLozes I also reported/requested this quite some time back but have heard nothing. Try requesting it in Feedback on the Edge page in the Google Play Store. There is also an email link to the Developers there.

If the collections sync in yesterday's update works (haven't had a chance to test yet), then Collections for Mobile will be the final thing that gets me to switch to Edge as my primary browser for all OS's.

It would be great if Android edge have Extension and Collection support.

April 2020, still no collections in the android app and no information about that.

Please add them.

@LeoLozes I'm also waiting for collections on Edge for Android and it seems that we have good news. Collections will be coming to Edge mobile apps "later this Spring" according to




@dsmirnov suuuure it will. I have nothing yet.

I have collections in Edge/Beta version 45.05.24 5026 @chalmerstax .Works great and will probably be rolled out to all before too long.