Collections are now officially available to everyone on Can - the flag to disable it is removed now

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Microsoft Edge Version 81.0.410.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) marks the first release of Edge to have the "Experimental Collections feature" Flag removed and have Collections feature enabled by default without an option to disable it.


This sounds like Collections are one step closer to being finalized.

hopefully once Edge stable reaches Version 81 (currently Version 79), it will have Collections enabled by default as well, of course with more features and improvements.



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@HotCakeX Collections continues to be a priority for us, and the team is actively working to launch it in Stable in the near future. :)


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Okie well the flag is added back in 81.0.415.0

@HotCakeX Hi, I just wanna ask, after the update Version 81.0.410.1 all my previous collections went missing. btw, I'm using dev version.