Collections are not syncing properly, only half of them are synced

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I'm using Windows 10 latest version with Mac 10.15.4

both running latest Microsoft Edge Version 82.0.459.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


on Windows I have only 1 collection with few items in it



this screenshot is from Windows 10.



but on Mac I see I have 3 collections. I recently (an hour ago) deleted some collections that I didn't need from Edge on Windows but they are not Properly syncing back to other machines.




this screenshot is from Mac.



so right now there are some collections that are only on Mac but not on Windows and Edge sync doesn't do anything about them.



I tried fully closing and reopening Edge on Mac but didn't help.

also tried pressing the "Trigger GetUpdates" button on edge://sync-internals/

but there doesn't seem to be any new updates for Mac to get from Windows






the Collection sync is only half way broken, not entirely. when I add all open tabs on Mac to a collection, I can see the new collection on Windows after few seconds (Not automatically, only after pressing Trigget GetUpdates button as shown above).



let me know if you need any more info to solve Collection sync problem, thanks.

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@HotCakeX Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Have you had a chance to submit feedback through the browser on the mac yet? And what happens if you try adding and deleting a test collection on the mac? And we just pushed a Canary update -- does this issue persist after updating?


Thank you!


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Hi, yes I sent a feedback from the Mac VM. I updated both Edge canaries to the latest version
Version 83.0.461.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
now on Mac when I add a collection, I have to use the "Trigger GetUpdates" button at least once to force Edge on Windows to check for collection updates and get them from the cloud, after that the rest of the collections that I add on Mac automatically appear on Windows Edge and vice versa.
I think after Edge is left idle for sometime, it loses its connectivity and I have to reinitiate the connection, by pressing that button in edge://sync-internals
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@HotCakeX Good to know. One of our colleagues suggested trying to hit "Disable Sync" and then "Request Start" on that page. That will theoretically clear the local sync cache, but not permanently remove any sync data.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Thanks, i will try it next time :)

@Deleted It worked for me!!! Thanks for the tip