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G'Day, everyone.

I'm surfing the net with zoom (Settings->Appearance) set to 110%. I know, that Collections is still incomplete, but want to note that it's very difficult (and impossible, with zoom > 110%) to use Collections, because elements is going beyond the window border. I have already sent feedback two times in the past months, but this critical bug is still present.

I have attached a two screenshots: 100% zoom in the first, 110% in the second, and 125% on the third.

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viewing your screenshots, they look normal with the level of zoom you are using.
which Edge insider channel/version are you using?


They actually look normal, right, but some of elements becomes inaccessible.

I have attached side-by-side comparison (100% vs 125%). 

UPD: Canary 81.0.380.0, still present since the collections introduction

UPD2: Updated to 81.0.381.0, nothing have changed

Oh yes only that part of the UI, when selecting a collection, doesn't scale down/up properly.

i can easily replicate this problem on Version 81.0.381.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
with 1080p 100% recommended scaling on latest Windows 10 version.
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@msekmfb1 Thanks for the feedback. Collections PM here! I sent your feedback and screenshots to the dev team. We have a temporary solution in the works which should be coming in the next few Canary builds. That should give you access to the selection checkboxes when your edge://settings zoom is set to >100%. We have more work planned in the future to better optimize that experience as well. 


Thanks for using Collections, and sending us feedback! 

Thanks for the update :)

@candicepoon Thank you

@candicepoon I still cannot access checkboxes and copy/share/delete buttons. 125% browser scale, Edge Canary 81.0.416.0

@msekmfb1 Just filed a bug with the team. Thanks for the heads up!

@candicepoon Any updates on this? In addition, after the last Dev and Canary updates I cannot access even checkboxes even with 110% scale, not even talking about the copy/share/delete buttons.







an Important update to this :smile:

they have changed things, now Collections panel handles high zoom levels better. actually it can handle zoom levels as high as 150% and even on higher levels like 175%, it still gives you the ability to use all the options and buttons.













Microsoft Edge Version 82.0.439.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

the changes Will come to lower channels in time


p.s there is only one problem now, the "copy" button on the gray bar at top of the collections panel doesn't scroll to the left/right, it still stays hidden on higher zoom levels.


@HotCakeX(upd: didn't read the p.s.) But you still haven't the buttons for selected items:



The default 100% scale:


The scrollbars is not a solution, it's very uncomfortable scroll them each time to get the checkbox.


I was thinking about the way to fix it myself and managed to open the panel devtools and change body -webkit-transform to value leading to the default scale, but there's the shade webpanel DOM isn't accessible through extensions and there's no way to get exact page zoom when the system's DPI scaling is not 100%. I think the best way to Microsoft to do this is just disabling the scaling for that panel.


@msekmfb1 Thanks for your patience. We have the issue tracking and I'm working to coordinate the fix. 



Hello, any update on this?

I'm can't use collections because of this, I see scrollbars, but it very very uncomfortable.

I could open DevTools for the Collections frame a few months ago from right-click context menu (now it doesn't show "Inspect") and managed to fix this issue by setting "max-width" to 100% for collection cards, but it was a temporary change and did not survive browser restart, can you do something similar?


It was fixed in March-April along with this (, but it is broken again after updating to stable version 94, neither works correctly in latest Canary build. The same bug is present in Cookie dialog (