Collections, ability to edit the collection item title. (Some get save with identical titles)

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When adding a page to a collection, the title of the collection item is automatically generated and cannot be edited.  This is a request to be able to edit the collection item title.


On some websites, different pages (see my photo) get the same collection item title and one cannot distinguish between the two.  In my example I added two different pages from a lesson.  They both are titled "MasterClass".  One was a page about kitchen tools, the other a page about glazing carrots.  In the current collection implementation, I cannot tell which collection entry is for Kitchen tools and which is for glazing carrots:

collections snip.png

The collection list would be much easier to navigate if I could edit the title of "MasterClass" on each one, for example I could edit one to be "MasterClass Tools" and one to be "MasterClass Glazing Carrots".

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Hi @sirbasku 

with the latest Edge insider canary update, Version 80.0.358.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit), you can do this now :)


More info:


"Edit card titles: You’ve been asking for the ability to rename the titles of items in collections, so they are easier for you to understand. Now you can. To edit a title, right click and choose “Edit” from the context menu. A dialog will appear giving you the ability to rename the title."

@HotCakeX Great!  Thanks for letting me know!  Looks like they are also syncing collections now too!  Great improvements...