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A main feature of the legacy Edge is the sidebar/flyout for favorites.
There are many feature requests for that feature in this forum. Here is a list of conversations I have found so far:



Do the edge team plan to add this feature? Then please add it to the list of planned features. It could be add with the state "for discussion".
Or do the edge team never want to add a favorites sidebar inte the new Edge?
(I also have requested this feature via edge feedback function in the past!)


@HotCakeXhas linked a nice extension in this conversation:


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@htcfreek Thanks for compiling all of that feedback!


I do not have insight into what direction the team will go with the Favorites sidebar. However, I've personally shared our Insiders' posts with the feature owner, so the good news is that they've heard this feedback directly! 


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@Deleted Can you pin this discussion at the top of this board like you did it with the "Top Feedback Summary (...)". Then all board contributors can find this topic easier and don't open new topics for this feature request.

We have more benefit about collecting likes and comments in one discussion than having many small discussions.

The sidebar should not just be favorites, should also include History, Downloads, etc.  just like the legacy edge.