Collection sidebar would not close automatically when watching a video

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It's a bad thing? I don't think so, if i want to read something or access something on the sidebar I would want it to stay open, plus you can just press the X mark to close it
The Collections doesn't closes on its own. You have to close it using the X button...
It was a full screen video.
I know. when the collection panel is open, it takes a fixed portion of the screen, so what will be left is determined as all the screen instead, thus when you switch a video to full-screen, it is Correctly using all of the screen that is accessible to it.
In old Edge, the video would be able to enter full screen mode correctly even the favourite bar is pinned so I was expecting the same behaviour.
Collections is designed to be present on the screen whether you toggle full screen or even watching a video. You have to close it if you're not using it.
Oh so that's why, yeah well it was built in a different way