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Hello, I'm a 3d modeler(game developer) and i love edge alot.


I use browser with 20 tabs opened and i usally organize tabs that use later with Set aside tabs for later feature, That's the main reason using edge. I was excited that it willl come in Eedge Chromium.


But Collection it was disappointing. I hope I can add all my pages at once and reopen them.


(And i still don't get how to use Collection feature.)

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Hi there,
The Edge team is considering the Set Aside feature to be added to the new Edge and it's most likely that they will add it. it's a great feature we all want :)

about collections, well you can use it for lots of things. for example you can create a collection and use it as a shopping list, and since it's not bound to one specific website, you can add products from different online stores to one collection, such as ebay, amazon, Microsoft store etc, all in one collection. then you can click on each product later once you've finished and open them up separately or just print them out.

you can drag and drop texts, pictures, videos, gifs etc from different websites and articles into one collection and then export your collection to a word or excel file. soon the export destinations will improve and you will be able to export in more formats.


you could take texts/images from multiple sources about one specific subject, put them all in one collection then export it to a word file, customize it and export to PDF. useful for researches and things like that.


maybe it would be nice to make a compination of this two features?

More buttons / features to colleced informations are little confusing.

So if you add a button "add tabs to collection" at the top (like add note) then maybe you go into a "edit mode" and could select open tabs to the collection or a list appeare with all tabs and you make a check who should be added.

on "save" a squere with the number of tabs are shown and maybe you could add a name for this tablist.

After that you habe a Collection like "Searching for Grandpa`s Birthday" and two tablists like "Locations" and "Presents" and 2 Pictures from Grandpa you added from facebook to the collection and some Text you like....



I habe a second Idea for the Collections.

Maybe it would be greate to have a Feature like "Share by Email-Attachmend" for share a collection with other people that dont have office365 or if you need to have a "backup" of the collection you made. 

On Klick a Email with a json or xml-like file would be created and on double-click at this filetype (like Birthday.mscoll edge with the list imported would be opend.