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Sometimes, when I have a lot of tabs open, they hesitate before closing. This slows down the browsing experience and takes forever to close a large amount of tabs. If they hesitated but still closed a tab for every Ctrl W I entered, it would be more bearable. I would appreciate an improvement.

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Hi @cjc2112, I will forward this on to our performance team.  They will be really interested in this, and will appreciate more information on when you encounter this issue.  Knowing the types of sites, the number of tabs, the specs for your computer, etc. will help them better understand the scenario.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 

I turned off many of my flags and notices improvements in performance. It still happens, but to a much lesser degree( 3/4 a second instead of 1.5, may be a slight exaggeration).

News sites tend to have the most problems closing, as well as the Microsoft insider site. If the site is playing video, it also might hesitate for half a second. If tabs are loading then it will also hesitate. It also happens when large amounts of tabs are open (like greater than 25, for example). 


I think an ideal fix would be to either register the number of times that Ctrl W has been hit and close that amount of tabs. A better solution is something unique to Firefox. The tabs are animated and close visually before the site responds, so there is some background things running for a second or two after the tab is closed, and it makes it feel snappy and is able to close dozens of tabs within seconds.