Clear browsing data in Microsoft Edge 83 Stable

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When clicking on History/Clear Browsing Data/Clear Now manually I get the following White screen window from the legacy Microsoft Edge for a few seconds. I have all the boxes checked in Clear Browsing Data. It's this a bug? 

I'm currently on Microsoft Edge 83 Stable running on Windows 10 2004 

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Yes, it is a bug and I had reported through feedback feature(Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge when I saw this bug in the Canary channel a month and a half ago and it seems to be fixed here and I have not seen this bug in Edge ver. 83 stable also. Because you are seeing this bug now on the stable version, so, I would recommend you to send this from your browser with the diagnostic data included same as I did from the canary version.  

Thank you for confirming this is a bug, I already reported through feedback feature in Microsoft Edge. I can also reproduce the same bug in 3 different Windows 10 PCs running Edge 83 stable.
This only happen when cleaning all browsing data manually.
I manage to get rid of the bug by creating a new Microsoft Edge profile and resyncing all data, extensions to the way it was.