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Microsoft Edge Addons webstore is a completely mess. There are dozens of useless and bloat extensions, there isn't something like pre-moderation or publishing guidelines. Developers of that useless and often harmful extensions making their name starts with exclamation mark or another top symbols, I think that Microsoft Edge team should hide the "All extensions" category and randomize displaying of extensions list:


The store is really looking like a non serious school-project. There's a lot of completely unnecessary Russian and Chinese extensions for me as a English-user. It's actually hard to find something useful in this trash. There is a extension called "Word Count", for example. It should measure number of words in a text. But this extension is just toolbar button that redirects user to their site. And there is hundreds of similar in quality extensions. I hated Chrome Web Store for the same reason but Microsoft Edge Store even worse. Even Legacy Edge store had stronger moderation.

I suggest two things:

1) As I've already said, hide "All extensions" category and replace it with kind of a beautiful homepage with list of most popular extensions composed by moderator

2) Remove the garbage extensions that flooded the store

3) Divide extensions by region and language

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@msekmfb1 We're sorry to hear that's been your experience; we'll get the Extensions team looped in on this feedback and let you know if they have any questions or insights.


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@msekmfb1 Hadn't checked the store before but I have to agree.

Having some curated categories would definitely help.  Things like 'We use' or 'We recommend', etc.


The other thing I noticed are addons from Avast and AVG antivirus.  They were recently in the news for selling people's browsing history/habbits.  Addons from companies involved in such practices should not be allowed in the Store.

Yes, I totally agree. It just keeps going down, the chroemwebstore is munch better but I prefer Microsoft store.

There needs to be more time to review and let someone publish a extenstion.

Also there is tons of scam extentsions that dont' do anything but just redirect you to a link.