Citibank India banking issue in Microsoft edge browser

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I have problem on the subject issue.

I am able to login to my Citibank India account. But I am not able to do any banking activities. Nothing happens when I click on the links to Banking services like Account balances or any kind of activity there. I don't know it is only me having this problem or all those who have a Citibank account and use Microsoft Edge browser. I have tried using different laptops. It is the same problem. Can anyone suggest any fix for this? 

Whereas it works fine with Chrome browser. I have this issue in Microsoft edge.

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Have you installed the latest version of the Microsoft Edge?
Are you using any extensions?
Try report this issue using the Feedback option in the Microsoft Edge, take a look at:


Thanks Reza Ameri for your response. Yes I do have some extensions like Malwarebytes browser guard, Norton Password manager, Outlook etc. However as you suggested I accessed the link which shows how to send feedback and have submitted mine. Let me see if I will get any response from the Edge support team.


Thanks again.

Thank you for sharing the feedback.
Just for test try disable these extensions and see if the problem persist?