Chromium issue on Windows

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Hi, I'm really loving the new Edge (already some noticeable improvements over Chrome!) but I hope the Edge team will take a look at a couple of issues, specifically this one (I know it's marked as Fixed but I know many that would differ)


Also, there are a number of v-sync issues with Chromium on Windows, some of them are listed here

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Edge collects crash data using the crash reporting system. Can you please be precise about the set of repro steps you're using that cause Edge to crash, and what version of Edge and Windows you are running?



Sorry I should made been more clear. They did kinda fix that issues years ago but if you take the time to read through that issue report, I think you'll agree that some changes need to be made there (I'll just paste one of the comments from it: "You are relying on the System Service Call Stub ASM layout on the 64bit kernel. That is beyond wrong. Why are you relying on that? It is incredibly fragile and hinders Microsoft's ability to innovate." )




"All you have done is handle the new stub format. However that is still fragile, and will break in the future if it changes. These stubs are not designed to have dependencies taken on it."




"Why were you and are you still ( relying on undocumented Windows internals in Chrome? This is very hacky, unmaintainable, and leads to future incompatibilities."