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I'm trying to familiarize myself with Chromium, but having been used to IE for years (and a bit Edge), I'm asking myself some questions about the font on differents sites

Sample font on the same page with IE on the left and Chromium on the right








I find the font (and color) in IE nicer and "clean", but maybe under IE it's not the "good font" because it's an old browser


I find the font bold, bolder, colors more true with IE
But maybe I've gotten used to "bad fonts / colors" with IE too long ?
Or it's Chromium that has a font problem ?


I do not have this difference with Edge if I remember well




PS : sorry for my english

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@tistou Have you tried font settings? Type this into the URL bar: edge://settings/appearance

Than click on "Customize Fonts".

@tistou In which case you'll get the settings screen of this:





Thanks so much for your help
I compared with IE fonts for example, but I do not know what it's all about (not the same options)
In IE, 
Web page font : Time New Roman
Plain text font : Courrier New
But, in Chromium ??

And I do not know if it's normal fonts for use in Chromium and so that of IE would not really fit