chromium edge with fullscreen problem when scale page ctrl+=

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hello, i like the chromium edge ,

i install vimium for edge with fullscreen to use everyday ,but sometimes i need scale page in fullscreen , it is strange when i click ctrl += to zoom page in fullscreen mode 

,it will display tabs ,so my vimium lost focus on page ,can not work , i need click the page to focus again to the page .



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because the zoom interface is in the Edge toolbar (magnifying glass icon) and when user changes it, it needs to be displayed so user can know the exact percentage. 


@HotCakeX  thanks for your reply


and I dont like this ,because I will open 50+tabs everytime ,and I use vimium Fullscreen mode to browser page , when i need zoom web page ,i don't like it lost my focus on page ,beause like this , i will could control page by vimium , this is not good experience for me