Chromium Edge Release blooper: wrong language on install


In classic release fashion, no Microsoft Software comes out without bugs. 

In this case, it's a little bit of a gross oversight though: 


The browser installed in the wrong language, I can't event understand which.


My OS is Windows 10 Pro 1909, in English, though I have also Brazilian Portuguese keyobard layout. 


But look at my fresh install of the Release package of Edge Chromium:


edge blooper.png


How did I install? 


I went to the blog post:


Downloaded the setup file from the link:


And executed the setup. There was no prompt to choose language. 



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@Tiago Freire 


Adding insult to injury, I can't uninstall it to try to reinstall. 

It gives me an error message which I can't understand: 


edge blooper 2.png

@Tiago Freire 


turns out the browser was running in the background, I was able to uninstall it eventually. 

but running the installer again gave the same results.

it installs in a wrong, foreign language, there is no language option in the installer, can't use it.

@Tiago Freire 


Same issue.  Four attempts.  Two in Spanish.  One Russian.  One don't know.

Problems here.
Tried installing via IE11, regular Edge, and Edge beta.
All were in Chinese.
Uninstalled, cleared cookies, history, disk cleanup.
Still wants to load in Chinese.

@Tiago Freire 

Yet my settings are all for English.


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Hey, everyone! We are aware of this issue. Uninstalling and trying again has resolved this for some users, however not everyone. We're working hard to resolve this! You should be able to change your language settings if you go to the gear icon in the ellipses menu for Settings, clicking on the Language option with the below icon, and then clicking the button at the top there to Add languages. You can search for English (or whatever your preferred language is) and should be set!




I'll provide updates as I have them. Thanks so much for installing Stable and providing this feedback!


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Tiago Freire   @MissyQ I had the same issue.  The downloaded installer (from worked correctly on the first computer, but the installer downloaded on the second computer set my language as Spanish and would not let me change the language preference in Settings.   At an earlier point, the Edge website was displaying in German rather than English.  


I'm glad to see that this is a known issue and will be resolved. 


I posted an update to the earlier thread where I reported this issue (see Microsoft Edge Website has Stable Download Files), pointing to this thread and Microsoft's response.


@MissyQ @Elliot Kirk   Does anyone know if the "random language" issue is also affecting browser install via Windows Update?


Still insufficient information. 


Can you provide a step-bystep visual guide that can be followed regardless of language? 


I tried to install English - United States, or English - UK, but they are nowhere to be found:

edge blooper 3.pngedge blooper 4.png

Hi @Tiago Freire, it looks like you may be stuck on a Polish language version.  Here are the instructions for you to get to English:

1) Enter edge://settings/languages into the Address bar and hit enter.

2) Click on the button at the top, right of the Settings page:


3) Find the language that looks like this: angielski or angielski (Stany Zjednoczone) and click OK 


4) Then you will need to click the More Menu (...) for the English language and check the first checkbox.


5) A button will then appear, if you click it it will relaunch the browser, and your display language should be English.


Thanks - Elliot

Hi @tomscharbach, we are aware of this issue, and are actively working on a fix.  As for the Windows Update question, here is a relevant snippet from Joe Belfiore's blog post:

Moving to the new Microsoft Edge – what to expect

Now that we’ve reached this milestone, you might be wondering what to expect on your PC. To get the new Microsoft Edge you have two choices: you can either manually download it today, or if you are a general consumer user, you can wait for it to be automatically released to your device via Windows Update. When you do make the switch, your favorites, passwords, form fill information and basic settings will carry over to the new Microsoft Edge without you having to do anything. You can read more about our rollout plans here.

I also noticed the same behavior. As a workaround, what I did was playing a bit with the installer download link:

I had this link before:

Replace the "&language=cs" part to "&language=en-us" for installer in English language.

The link will be now:


Try this guys, it will get you the installer in English language.

This doesnt work.  My browser is now in Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of nonsense is this?  How can Micro$hit do this to me?  I cannot understand anything and cannot get my Edge back to work.  Somebody please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w