Chromium bug for dark mode extensions

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Hello insiders. I think I have found a bug in edge and possibly it might be a common chromium bug. So basically when you use a dark mode extension (No matter which one you use be it dark reader, night eye etc...)


Lots of websites will break. Most particularly google product websites. Such as google docs, slides, sheets and notes.  I have provided with an image in this post. 


Thing is, to my surprise dark mode extensions do not break web content on Gecko based browsers. Such as Firefox, Librewolf and waterfox just to name the few they have.  I am not sure to be honest if it is actually the developers faults (which needs some intervention in the add on store + dev channel) or chromium itself has a bug.


2022-12-31 14.29.52 3a1ff52cae7b.png


As you can see the document with this sample image really is broken. 





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