Chrome shortcuts on home screen not restored

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When restoring a launcher backup Chrome internet shortcuts on the home screen are not restored and are effectively deleted or destroyed.


Destroying user data without any warning whatsoever is pretty much as bad as it gets, not to mention grossly irresponsible

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The last few times I tried to bring over everything from an old phone to a new phone, MS Launcher didn't bring over shortcuts I had made in a browser.

I would go to a site on my phone's browser and then save that site to Home page ... or something like that. MS Launcher didn't bring those shortcuts over. I would think this is easy enough to implement by the good folks who update the MS Launcher.

At any rate, you're not alone. I'll buy the new S23 Ultra when it comes out and see what happens using Samsung's Smart Switch. (Smart Switch could also be a culprit in this issue.)

@DaveHorne SmartSwitch is not the culprit. The problem is Microsoft launcher. And previous replies to this question indicate that it was 'by Design' . Destroying a user's data whether it is 'by Design' or not is profoundly irresponsible and inexcusable.