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I can't install any more Chrome extensions on Edge. I am always directed to an error page. I don't know if the issue is on the Chrome Store site or if it's a problem with Edge. Anyone else having this kind of problem?

I'm at version



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Yes problem exists in Version (Official build) canary (64-bit). probably gets solved in the next update since its so obvious and hard to miss.
Thanx !


Having the same issues. Looking forward to the next update.

You do? oh i think the problem is gone for me, i was browsing extension store and installed one today
Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

latest version of Edge Dev has this issue here. In the same all extensions were gone after the update


Seeing the thread, I just tried this.  It did not work in Dev or Canary, although the results were different. W/ Canary: the CH Store button said, "Available on Chrome"... being nothing else to hit it went to a Get Chrome page.  W/ Dev: Ch Store item button said, "Add to Chrome".  Upon hitting it, for a split-second looked like it was going, but NO & at the same moment gave this.

Myself, I was down to only 2 that lucky, they're, already, installed.  But, it will be fixed soon, in all likelihood; reported it, anyway.




Yes the problem started in build and solved in which is Canary. so you have to wait few days for the fixes to be pushed to the Dev channel.
i tied chrome extension store in incognite mode and normal mode, tried installing extension from home page, by searching etc, everything works fine.

@HotCakeX  thanks for sharing this info. Let's wait for the next Dev version 

@HotCakeX when you say "wait a few days" do you know how many? it's been 7 days since you replied and i am still having this issue on Version (Official build) dev (64-bit). Do we know when the next release will ship? 


@Ryan CrawCour 

Hi Ryan,

The cycle is every 6 wks for Beta, wkly for Dev & daily for Canary.  Although, I don't recall many Canaries on wknds.

Beta was just released today.


Dev is supposed to be updated every week but it can take longer.
Canary is supposed to be updated every day/night but it's been receiving updates every 3 days instead for a while now.
would it make sense to go for the canary release for now to overcome the Chrome extension issue? or to many disadvantages/bugs?
Yes it'd make sense.
there are no disadvantages, there is only one bug that randomly happens and it's about web pages suddenly becoming unavailable and you have to refresh them once. that's the only existing bug in Canary worth mentioning. again it's very random, doesn't happen very often and it might or might not happen at all.

@HotCakeX Thanks for sharing.  We were seeing the same issue with trying to install Chrome extensions in Edge Dev  I just did a help/about and it upgraded me to Edge Dev and Chrome extensions install fine now.  Tried this on 3 different PCs (other testers in my group,) all seeing the same results, didn't work on 244.0, works on 249.1

Yw, that's good to hear! ^^

@SteveSta good news. Canary version works fine for now but as I'm using it daily obviously it is not the right build for me

There are the Dev and Beta Channels instead of 'enjoying' the 'fun' of Canary.

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