Christmas Custom for Surf Game

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Hi Everyone,


I know it is late and most engineers are going for holiday but I through may be share this idea and in case it wasn't possible for this holiday, may be do it for next year. I am thinking it would be nice and fun to update Microsoft Edge's Surf game with Christmas custom and add new characters like Santa and they stay there until new year. So it will release with an update and there is timer to keep them up to new year and then hide it and in next update remove them.


What do you think about this idea? Will that be feasible to do it?



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@Reza Ameri, that is a good suggestion. If you haven't done this, please send feedback via the in-browser feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I).
if you want games then play actual games.
I don't think it's necessary to put games into browsers, nobody uses a browser for games and many people hate a bloated browser.

if you want to play games, use Windows store


I am aware of process of submit feedback, in fact this is what I keep telling to other users. I just share it here to see what others think about it. This is actually fun practice by many companies for example Skype has did the same thing in past by adding promotional icons.