Checking for updates stuck "forever", question about build numbers

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I am running Edge Dev channel build 90.818.2103050


I have three observations/questions about some things I noticed on the About Microsoft Edge page (screenshot attached)


  1. Checking for updates never appears to finish -- it sits at a spinning wheel seemingly "forever".  Is this expected behavior or perhaps it's a known issue?
  2. There appears to be a new build available (90.818.2103116) as reported by Microsoft AutoUpdate -- where does one go to find out information on an incremental build like this one?
  3. The version number listed on the About Microsoft Edge page is different than the version reported by Microsoft AutoUpdate. (90.0.818.0 vs. 90.0.818.2103050)  Is this expected behavior?  




Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 11.16.02 AM.png

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Updating my own post, after letting Microsoft AutoUpdate upgrade Edge, a few things changed:


  1. The infinite spinning wheel went away.  Now it reports that "Microsoft Edge is up to date."  That infinite spinning wheel felt broken to me.
  2. The reported build number has changed to 90.0.818.6, so it seems like some of the last digits are truncated...maybe by design?


Make sure report this issue through the feedback option in the Microsoft Edge, so they would be able to investigate and resolve the problem.