Charting data in is upside down.!%20Everything%20was%20fine%20with%20previous%20version%20as%20well%!Ao1J5fUm03CogqwYK2jK48s13fUgVQ%3Fe%3D!
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Hi, I have encountered a strange behavior with the latest build, which is “version (Official build) dev (64-bit)”. I have 2 tabs opened, and one of them is showing a stock chart from “”. If I switch from the tab to another tab, and, then, switch back to it, most of the chart data in the tab become upside down! Everything was fine with previous version as well as with the beta version.


I have stored some screenshots in the following 3-page pdf:!Ao1J5fUm03CogqwYK2jK48s13fUgVQ?e=OR3yf6

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@grahamvu I agree with you, strange issue to all financial chart 


Hi @grahamvu, we are aware of this issue.  This was a Chromium bug, that has since been fixed.  We have a bug tracking this issue, and will bring it into our repository soon. Thanks - Elliot


@Elliot Kirk When this issue supposed to be fixed in Edge, this bug is already fixed and closed in Chromium 13 days ago ?

@MarsMas  I was experiencing this issue, but it does look to be fixed as of 68.0.272 Canary build.

@Aaron Roma good, it means it is coming to next Dev. version