Changing the Address Bar Search on Edge

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After years of using Chrome, when I got a new computer, I decided to give Microsoft Edge a try.  However, Bing has not been able to meet my search needs, so I decided to try to switch the address bar search in the settings.  Despite all the guides saying it is as easy as going into the settings, when I go to the "address bar" settings and try to select the drop down menu for the search providers, the box is greyed out and my curser is replaced with the "no" sign (red circle and back slash).  I have checked in the "manage search engines" tab, and I have several options there, with no indication that any of them are invalid.  Is there another setting I need to change to be able to change the address bar search?  It will be a deal breaker for me if I cannot change this setting.  Thanks!

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you should be able to change any settings in Edge if your computer/browser is not managed by an organization (i.e group policy rules)


if this setting in Edge is greyed out for you: edge://settings/search




then check here: edge://policy/

and see if there is anything there, attaching a screenshot of that page would be useful too.


Hi there,

Old thread, but I appear to be having the same issue. This is a new computer and I'm hoping to give Edge a try, but like OP - the "Search engine used in address bar" dropdown menu is grayed out and hovering over it provides only the red circle with a slash down the middle. Yet, navigating to "Manage search engines," I can see my preferred engine (DuckDuckGo). Again, with no indication or signs that it's invalid or otherwise unavailable.

Checking edge://policy/ also shows no policies set up in there, and I can reasonably say that this device isn't being managed by anyone or anything other than myself (to my knowledge, at least.)

Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Haha - funny timing. The moment I posted that, I got a notification on the browser saying Edge is out of date. Updating seemed to resolve the issue, changed to DuckDuckGo and all.


All good now!