Changing position of "report unsafe website" button

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Hi all,


The button "report unsafe website" in Edge is quite hidden in the menus and is not really accessible and easy to find. You really need to search well in a lot of different submenus, which are not really logically ordered and don't have clear labels.


A better option would be to put this button in the menu that pops up when clicking the "lock" icon in the address bar. People will be more inclined to report an "unsafe website" when they have this button more easily available to them and when this button is closer positioned to the actual URL itself. The "lock icon" is also a symbol of "safety" and therefore it's way more logical and intuitive to put it there.


The icon will be more quickly linked with a lack of safety on a website in my opinion and will therefore lead to more and better reports of potential unsafe websites.


With the current position, you get the feeling that the "help & feedback" submenu is only about the browser itself, when in fact the button is located right there.


It of course depends on how important this reporting mechanism is to the whole process of detecting a malicious website. If it isn't that import, I guess you could leave the button at its current position. But otherwise, I would advise finding a different spot for it.


Edge version 87.0.658.0 (dev)






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